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Terms and Conditions - Contest

Terms and Conditions -
Contest  New short control flexy.
Instagram - September 16 to 19, 2023

  1. Only one winner will be selected.
  2. The prize description is one (1) Short Control Flexy Ref. STA08324 (color and size of the winner's choice)
  3. the winner will selected randomly through a digital platform and contacted by direct message through Instagram.
  4. The winner must provide complete information to send the prize
  5. Fajas MyD USA will advise the winner if he or she requires it.
  6. The prize is not exchangeable for money or another product.
  7. The prize is not transferable or cumulative
  8. The winner must be within the territory of the USA.
  9. The shipping is free.
  10. No exchange or refund of money applies once delivered to the winner.