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Warranty policies

• If the purchase was in person, you must go to any of the Fajas MyD stores.
• For guarantee purposes it is necessary to present the payment receipt.
• The company has 3 business days to respond to its clients regarding
warranty issues, taking into account that the days will be counted once the product
be received at our facilities.
• The warranty request is subject to an evaluation by the quality area, which determines whether the damage caused is due to misuse or due to the particularity of the material. If it is determined that it is due to improper use of the product, the company is exempt from the warranty.
• Damage to the lace and hooks is not included in the warranty.
• Our product is for intimate use, therefore to make the guarantee request, the garment must be in excellent conditions of hygiene and cleanliness, completely
free of odors and body fluids.
• The time for the guarantee of the purchased garments is 30 business days after the invoice is issued.
• Outlet or type B garments do not have a guarantee, since they are products that have some imperfection or are discontinued.
• We do not accept guarantees of garments modified or altered by third parties.